Hapi jar

Hapi as depited from a canopic jar

Hapi was one of the Four sons of Horus  depicted in funerary literature as protecting the throne of Ausare (Osiris) in the Underworld. Hapi is depicted as a baboon-headed mummified human on funerary furniture and especially the Canopic Jar that held the 

style="border-bottom:2px solid peru; background:Template:Hiero/egypt/bgcolour; padding:5px; text-align:center;" | Hapi
in Hieroglyphs
organs of the deceased (Hapi's jar held the lungs). Later Hermetic philosophers would equate Hapi with the element of air because of his association with the funerary protectress Nebet Het (Nephthys) and the East. He was also believed to dwell in a great cave near the cataracts. Each and every year he would increase the Nile so that it flooded, depositing rich soil on the farmlands. Hapi (Hapy) was the character of the Nile.

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