Here follows a list of all Ancient Egyptians who held the Title of King's Daughter.

Please note: A *symbol next to a name denotes their Title was King's Daughter of his Body.

First Dynasty

Khnemetptah Neithhotep B Qaienneith

Second Dynasty

Khnemetptah Neithhotep B Qaienneith Shepsetipet
Sitba Syhefernerer

Third Dynasty

Hotephirnebty Intkaes Khnemetptah Neithhotep B
Qaienneith Redji*

Fifth Dynasty

Neferhetepes B*

Eleventh Dynasty


Thirteenth Dynasty

Anuqneferetweben Dedetamun Hatshepsut C Neferhotep Q
Neferu Q Reniseneb Q Reniseneb R ...djeb

Eighteenth Dynasty

Neferkayet Henutiunu Meryetptah A Sithori
Tatau Ti Wiay A

Nineteenth Dynasty


Twentieth Dynasty


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