Dream Book
Dynasty Nineteenth Dynasty
Titles Standard-bearer of the King's Right Hand

Vizier of Upper and Lower Egypt

Family Unsure
Burial Place Unsure

Panehsy was Vizier during reign of Ramesses II. A letter was written to him by Qenherkhepeshef upon the back of the Papyrus Chester Beatty 3 reading:

The Scribe Qenherkhepshef of the Great Tomb of Baenre beloved of Amun, Son of the sun-god: Merenptah satisfied with Truth in the Estate of Amun, greets his lord, the Standard-bearer on the King's Right Hand, the Lord Vizier of Upper and Lower Egypt, Panehsy. In life, prosperity, health![1]


  1. Papyrus Chester Beatty 3, British Museum Online Database, Papyrus Chester Beatty 3, Accessed 17th August 2012.

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