Dynasty First Dynasty
Titles Controller


Burial Place Tomb S3504

Sekhemkasedj is known to have lived during the First Dynasty his career believed to have begun under Djet due to seal impression from his tomb and the Pharaoh's linking the two of them. His career began with the administration of Royal Domains such as W3ḏ-Ḥr, though he held the title of Controller rather than Administrator for this domain, founded by Djet. Though this domain was maintained under Merneith until the death of Sekhemkasedj when it was replaced by a new domain. He also seems to have had connections with the Royal Estate known possibly as Ḥwt ḥnn(?). His career finally peaked when he became Administrator (ˤḏ-mr) of the domain known as Ḥr-sḫnti-ḏw. Throughout his career he also held the title Nḫn (w) and Nḫb and later the title Nḫn (w) in its fuller form Ḫrp Nḫn (w) and another title Ḫrp nbi.[1].


  1. Wilkinson, T, A, H. (2001) Early Dynastic Egypt London: Routledge. ISBN 0-415-26011-6.

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