Sekhemre Khutawy
Dynasty 13th Dynasty
Praenomen Sekhemre Khutawy
Nomen Sobekhotep
Golden Horus
Burial Place

Sekhemre Khutawy Sobekhotep I was an Egyptian king of the 13th Dynasty and he is known from several sources, including several Nile Flood records (providing a year date '4') and inscriptions at the Monthu temple at Medamud.

A king with the name Khutawyre appears in the Turin King List as the first ruler of the 13th Dynasty. However, some researchers especially Kim Ryholt have argued that the writer of the King list confused the name Khutawyre with the name Sekhemre-Khutawy and they place Wegaf in the middle of the 13th Dynasty and Sekhemre Khutawy Sobekhotep at the beginning of the dynasty. The problem is not yet really solved. Ryholt believes that Sekhemre Khutawy Sobekhotep I was a son of Amenemhat IV.

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  • K.S.B. Ryholt, The Political Situation in Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period (Carsten Niebuhr Institute Publications, vol. 20. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 1997).

Preceded by:
Pharaoh of Egypt
Succeeded by:

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