Sobekhotep V
Reign 13th Dynasty
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Praenomen Khahetepre
Nomen Sobekhotep
Golden Horus
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Burial Place

Sobekhotep V was an Egyptian king of the 13th Dynasty. His birth name was Sobekhotep, and his throne was Khahetepre

Sobekhotep V appears in the Turin King List as successor of Sobekhotep IV. He reigned according to this document only for four years. Sobekhotep IV was perhaps his father, as he had a son called 'Sobekhotep'. Sobekhotep V is known from a statue found at Kerma and from several scarab seals. His name means "Sobek is satisfied".


  • K.S.B. Ryholt, The Political Situation in Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period (Carsten Niebuhr Institute Publications, vol. 20. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 1997).

Preceded by:
Sobekhotep IV
Pharaoh of Egypt
Thirteenth Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Wahibre Ibiau

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